Turning Ideas into business

Wolthuizen Maritime Business Solutions supports companies in the marine and offshore market to generate new business by offering ‘hands-on’

– tailor-made market research
– business analysis
– business strategy
– business development
– communication  
– interim management

We are part of the Dutch Maritime Cluster and our experience has been used by:

– ship repair yards
– marine equipment manufacturers
– offshore equipment manufacturers
– machining companies
– engineering companies
– service companies

We operate within an international maritime and offshore network and meanwhile there is an impressive clientele in both the maritime and offshore industry. There is understanding of the relationship between shipping and shipbuilding, ship repair industry and technological changes happening in the shipbuilding and ship repair industry. Understanding of the cyclical nature of shipping industry and introduction of alternative business models to reduce the risk and create continuity in this cyclical industry is part of our expertise.

The offshore oil and gas industry face increasingly complex challenges in the exploration and development of energy resources. By 2030, it is expected that 8 billion people will occupy our planet. Secure, affordable, accessible, and ample supplies of energy are absolutely essential to both economic growth and a reasonable standard of living. Access to significant quantities of economically recoverable offshore oil and gas is a major challenge for the coming decades.

Sustainable offshore energy resources such as wind power, tidal energy and wave energy are emerging technologies.

There are oceans of opportunities ahead of us!

We can support you to get a fair share of it! 

  • We stand for professionalism and quality service tailored exactly to your needs.
  • We work closely with clients to find and develop business. Our work often involves detailed consideration of a specific product, market or supply chain.
  • We initiate, create, develop(hands-on) and implement. We support and participate in all stages of your business development. From the first stage of market research up to and including implementation and review.