About How we work

We create powerful business solutions for organizations operating anywhere in the marine and offshore industry.

Services are offered based on custom made agreements and competitive rates.

– Hands-on with active participation in a direct and practical way, for           maximum support.
– Consultancy only.

– Long term agreements
– Short term agreements
– Part time agreements
– Full time agreements
– Interim management agreements


Our General Terms and Conditions dated 7th April 2011 apply to all our transactions.   

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all quotations, offers and orders with regard to Wolthuizen Marine & Industry B.V.  services in the broadest sense of the word, as well as to subsequent Agreements entered into and further arrangements and/or juristic acts that may result, unless agreed otherwise in writing. Referral to the Client’s own General Terms and Conditions has no effect unless the Client explicitly and unambiguously rejects Wolthuizen Marine & Industry B.V.’s conditions before entering into any Agreement. In this event no Agreement shall be concluded until parties have compromised. In all other cases any of the Client’s General Terms and Conditions and other stipulations printed on Client documents are hereby declared to be inapplicable.

Professional indemnity insurance cover applies.