Oceans of Opportunities

Business opportunities rarely arrive passively. They don’t show up on the front door ready to grab it. In fact, successful business owners and managers know that opportunities are usually created.

So what distinguishes an attractive opportunity from a mere idea?

– opportunities are driven by customer need
– the economics of the opportunity are favorable
– opportunities have the ability to generate significant cash flows in a             relatively short period of time
– the opportunity is closely aligned with the companies skill set
– with the opportunity the company is able to leverage proprietary                 knowledge or relationships to gain a competitive advantage over rivals
– the timing of an opportunity is right

Growing global POPULATION, CLIMATE CHANGE, ENERGY CONSUMPTION and TRADE VOLUME are the major drivers of today’s and for future opportunities.

By 2040, global electricity demand will be about 80 percent higher compared to 2012

Prosperity and population growth drive residential/commercial energy demand.

China’s electricity demand will more than double as from 2012.
China will shift its electricity generation away from coal.
China, the world’s second-biggest oil user will accelerate its offshore search for energy. 

Oil and natural gas, two of the most essential fuels, will continue to account for about 80 percent of the world’s energy demand in the next three decades.

Efforts to reduce emissions will help gas to be the fastest-growing major fuel and become the world’s number-two fuel.

Ongoing application of new technologies, including advancements in unconventional and deepwater production will remain a major challenge.

The world will see meaningful growth in renewable fuels. The largest contribution will be from wind, but growth also will be seen in solar, bio-fuels and geothermal energy.

Advances in technology will be necessary to make these fuels more practical and economic.

Renewable fuels will account for about 7% of the global energy demand around 2040, compared to 3% in 2012.

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