Offshore Tidal Energy

This near-shore industry has made big steps over the last years however, tidal energy production remains relatively small worldwide.

There are some on-shore/near shore (barrage) tidal power plants in the world.

The globally installed ofshore (open flow turbine) capacity base is very small and comes largely from a few prototypes. It’s at present on the order of about 5-10 MW. It gets more interesting as you look at planned projects and future potential. The UK and South Korea for example have significant tidal potential, but how much of it will be built out over the next 5-10 years really depends on political support (and follow-through) in those countries.

Another future challenge that tidal energy face, are how it competes with offshore wind. The costs for tidal generated power shall be equal or lower than the costs of wind energy in order to attract stake holders and make tidal projects financially feasible.

Improvements will surely come with the years. The financial crash may have affected liquidity in green technology investment, but the progress made by manufacturers in marine energy is thought by the industry to be encouraging– so much in fact the best is yet to come.

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