Offshore Wind Power

A total of 2,488 wind turbines are now installed offshore and connected to the electricity grid in 74 offshore wind farms in eleven countries across Europe. Total offshore installed capacity at the end of 2014 reached 8,045.3 MW, producing 29.6 TWh in a normal wind year, enough to cover 1% of the EU’s total electricity consumption.Offshore Wind 2014

The UK has the largest amount of installed offshore wind capacity in Europe (4,494.4 MW) – 55.9% of all installations. Denmark follows with 1,271 MW (15.8%). With 1,048.9 MW (13% of total European installations), Germany is third, followed by Belgium (712 MW: 8.8%), the Netherlands (247 MW: 3.1%), Sweden (212 MW: 2.6%), Finland (26 MW: 0.3%), Ireland (25 MW), Spain (5 MW), Norway (2 MW) and Portugal (2 MW).

Offshore wind 2014 market share EU countries

The European offshore wind power market, with an average growth of 15% per year, and its related supply chain offers numerous opportunities for suppliers in many service and manufacturing industries.

We know the supply chain and we can share our ideas about the opportunities there are. 

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