Services Communication

An often underestimated part of marketing is marketing communications. It is the most visible of any of the marketing mix variables and any communication activity shall therefore be set in the context of the overall marketing strategy.

It is the systematic methodology utilizing content and media to broadcast YOUR MESSAGE material and create AWARENESS, PREFERENCE and RESPONSE.

One of the major industrial marketing challenges you face is how to communicate your meaningful difference. Simply put, you must be certain you communicate only what’s most valued to your customers and nothing else.

You want to persuasively communicate the key elements of value in your newly optimized or redesigned products. To do so you must strongly link how your solution solves customer problems by providing a motivational “message to market match” and it accurately reflect your understanding of the unique needs of economic buyers, user buyers, and technical buyers.

What you must do
Establish the objectives of communication
Identify the target audience
Determine the promotional budget
Develop the message strategy
Select the media
Evaluate the promotion
Integrate the promotional program in your marketing organisation

We can support you to get the best out of it!

We cooperate with selected communication experts in the industry or with your existing supplier of communication services.

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